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Nuke’s GShade Presets

My Personal, Unoptimized, Ramshackle Presets for GShade.

Don’t let the presentation fool you; I’m not particularly good at this.
These are simply my Personal, Unoptimized, Ramshackle Presets for GShade.

I have no idea what I’m doing.
I mess with things until I like what I see, and I’m uploading my presets in case anyone else likes it enough to try it out.
Also, turn off in-game DoF if you’re using any of the “HGP” Presets for best results!

A bleak/bleached film-like Gameplay preset, with a dramatic shift into a colder palette with more fake “ambient” lighting, with DoF autofocus now off, and fixed to only blur distant objects; far enough to not affect gameplay, plus a lil’ bit of film grain. Similar performance impact to LWP. Good visibility in dungeons and dark areas.

An attempt at a performance-friendly Photo/Gameplay preset, aiming for subtle, cooler color changes with some light sharpening. Lower performance impact than both AVBR and ECDP presets, but still a noticeable drop in performance. My most playable preset yet, both for performance and visuals, with a subtle shift in colors and little effect on vanilla contrast. Good visibility in dungeons and dark areas.

My first preset made with GShade. Something a bit more… dramatic and film-looking, trying to get a bit of that x-processed look you get from old cameras using the wrong film. Loosely consulted the GShade visual guide for this one, so things should be ordered correctly; I mostly picked and chose and eliminated the effects I liked and didn’t like, to try and get a gameplay preset with a playable DoF setting, which has a neat side effect of changing based on zoom amount. I haven’t been able to test it in every scenario ever, but I like what I see.
ade while I was still using ReShade, designed to be able to be used during Gameplay (though I don’t know how well that works for everyone); this was the first preset I ever made (that I was happy with), and therefore, everything is unordered and I just played around with settings until I liked what I ended up with. As the acronym suggests, it’s supposed to be vibrant, or at least, I think it is.

Same deal as ABVR, but now with added DoF after I upgraded to GShade! Results may vary. The order is still messed up.

Known Issues
The contrast hurts my eyes sometimes
Yeah, that’ll happen in scenes with a lot of solid bright colours, happens during fog, in the desert, etc. Some places are just difficult for me to work with, I honestly just toggle the effects off in those areas/weathers sometimes. If anyone knows how to deal with this without changing too much in other scenes and is wiling to leave a comment, go ahead!

The DoF is too strong
I’ve set the focal point to the very bottom, so whatever ground is near your character will be the focal point. This is a sort of hacky-way to have DoF that doesn’t get in the way of gameplay, but I find it works well enough. If you wish, you may completely turn off the DoF by toggling the effect in the settings, or adjusting the far blur parameter in the DoF settings to your liking if you just want a weaker effect. I also play with 3rd Person Camera Angle set to 64, which may also affect the focal point. UI elements might be blown out in some cases, this is not something I can control withotu removing DoF, and Character may also be blurry in character selection due to the lack of a focal point. I haven’t tested it in every situation.

AVBR looks…incredibly red
Yep, though I feel it is a nice tradeoff for how the woods start to look when it brings out the autumnal colours. If there is actual strong reds in the scene though, they do indeed become incredibly red. I’ve gotten used to it, but if you still want to use it and want to reduce the red, adjust the R curve in… I forgot what the effect is called. I’ll edit this later. Bear in mind this will affect all scenes.

There’s a lot of banding at night…
I haven’t found a good solution to that, and I’m not the best at making presets. You could try using “Deband”, which works well, but also removes a lot of distant detail, though I’m not sure of the performance impact. Turning off vignette for any presets that have Lightroom may also help.

There’s some pixel crawling with sharpening
I don’t think this can be fixed, unfortunately, turn off “LumaSharpen” in the presets with it if it really bothers you – it is a tradeoff between aliasing and fidelity, and I felt it was worth it on some of the presets

What does “Hybrid Gameplay” mean?
Means I made it for both gameplay and screenshots, so you can snap while you clap (clap fools, that is)

Do you use any mods in these screenshots?
Just SaikaDarkmoon’s Hair Defined and Titan Firm’s Tight&Firm, but it wouldn’t really matter much whether you did or not; it wouldn’t really affect how the GShade looks; I just like the HD hair.

These aren’t optimized very well
I know… send help

Credits: NuclearFuzion
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