How to Install FFXIV Mods

How to Install FFXIV Mods

Upon initiating TexTools, you’ll be directed to select the install path for Final Fantasy: A Realm Reborn. You should navigate to the specific subfolder as follows:

…/FINAL FANTASY XIV – A Realm Reborn/game/sqpack/ffxiv

This directory is crucial as it’s where TexTools will access, store, and manage all mod-related data. After installation, TexTools will keep an eye on this folder, simplifying the way you access and organize your mods.

  • After preparing your Final Fantasy: A Realm Reborn directory, proceed to download your chosen mods from
  • Then, open TexTools and click on the mods icon in the top left corner. Click on the ‘Import ModPacks’ button, and then navigate to and select the mods you’ve downloaded.
  • You’ll be presented with a new file menu in the mod folder, with all files pre-selected for you. Choose ‘Import Mod Pack‘ to initiate the import of the mod files. Once you see a notification indicating the import is complete, TexTools has finished the process.
  • You can now find and enjoy your newly installed mod in the FFXIV TexTools Mod List area.
How to Enable or Disable FFXIV Mods

To toggle all mods on or off, navigate to the Batching section and select the desired option. For individual mod management, use the mod list tool to find the mod you wish to modify, locate its mod pack, and press the corresponding button.

On days when game patches are released, it’s wise to use this functionality due to potential update-related compatibility issues—common in MMOs. Those familiar with games like WoW or ESO are aware of the potential for Lua errors, crash reports, and various other glitches. To safeguard your game, consider backing up your files, as a single corrupt mod can damage core game files, possibly forcing a re-download and reinstallation of the entire 40+ gigabytes of FFXIV!

If you are bored of plain Final Fantasy 14 game without any additional features, mods could be a really great solution. Even the Final Fantasy XIV has so much to offer, why not to take the maximum of it by adding the desired final touch to the game? If you are worried how to install FFXIV mods properly, here you will find all the needed information for that. The steps how to succeed and add the selected functionality without putting much effort. There might be different approaches to how to install FFXIV mods but we will provide the simplest and the clearest one. Be the first one to try explicit features and outrun all your competitors. Why to waste time on not satisfying surrounding or boring tasks – learn how to install Final Fantasy 14 Mods and give an ultimate boost to your game. If you follow the provided steps in our how to install Final Fantasy XIV Mods guide, there should be any problems. So go ahead and look through the files to find your favorite edition. If you have any hesitations, look through the given installing FFXIV Mods tutorial and check, if you are following the correct installation order.

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